About ZQC

In 2005 Zenith Quest Corporation (Zenith) embarked on an ambitious course to become the thriving multi-sector international company that it is today.  A U.S. corporation headquartered in Virginia, Zenith has offices in America and Turkey.  The focus of its American operation is product marketing and sales within the U.S. firearms industry, while defense/aerospace industry and related cyber/ information technology projects are directed from the company’s international office in Ankara, Turkey.

Zenith is the exclusive U.S. importer and distributor of products manufactured by the more than 500-year-old Turkish arms manufacturer, Makina ve Kimya Endüstrisi Kurumu (MKEK).  On the basis of this relationship Zenith founded two subsidiary companies, ZQI Ammunition and Zenith Firearms, through which it markets and distributes sporting ammunition and firearms throughout the United States.  Zenith also imports and distributes firearms from three other Turkish manufacturers, along with sporting ammunition from Israel, while making plans for various further product line and supply chain expansions.

Zenith’s marketing and sales teams in the U.S. combine business acumen with extensive military, law enforcement, and hobbyist experience in the subject of their profession.  In concert with their expectations of rapid growth, the U.S.-market team looks forward to the April 2016 completion of an 84,000 square foot warehouse and light-manufacturing facility.  Coupled with a 10,000 square foot office complex that is also planned for the site, Zenith is poised to greatly enhance its distribution operation and its capabilities within the ultra-competitive U.S firearms industry.

The multi-disciplinary collective background of Zenith’s international team also includes extensive military experience, by which it brings expertise to the manufacturing and facilitation roles on projects within the defense and aerospace industries.  In its project facilitation capacity, Zenith thoroughly researches and vets potential business opportunities and ensures its clients’ peace of mind before commencing with negotiations or other facilitation functions.  As an initial investment in the direction of manufacturing and related services, planning is underway for Zenith to partner with other companies in the construction of a multi-use production, repair, and maintenance service center in Turkey, for the benefit of and furtherance of cooperation among key industry players.

Within the cyber and information technology sectors, Zenith’s technical experts collaborate to provide comprehensive information security solutions, VoIP and satellite communications, custom device integration, embedded application development, and network device R&D.  Information technology infrastructure solutions, video wall systems, network architecture design and implementation, server and client installation, and software development capabilities in a variety of programming languages complete Zenith’s portfolio of offerings.

Zenith Quest Corporation cooperates with the Turkish Undersecreteriat for Defense Industries (SSM), Ministry of Defense (MSB-MOD), General Staff, Turkish Air Force (TurAF), Turkish Naval Forces (TurNA), Turkish Land Forces Command (TurLFC), Turkish Coast Guard Command (TurCO), Turkish General Commandership of Gendermarie, General Directorate of Security-Turkish Police (EGM), National Intelligence Organization (MIT), all ministerial branches, and civil aerospace companies in Turkey.

Zenith also provides legal assistance to companies seeking to navigate the complexities of business and investment in Turkey.

Zenith Quest Corporation is a reliable company committed to ethical conduct and careful consideration of international trade rules in all alliances, within the military, civil, and industrial sectors.  The company’s relationships have been carefully established over the span of years, and they ensure that Zenith Quest Corporation is at the center of present and future prospective business opportunities.

Our Mission:
Zenith Quest Corporation sources, develops, markets, and sells high-quality firearms industry products to the U.S. consumer market, and develops and sells custom defense/aerospace and cyber/information technology products and services to businesses and government entities internationally.

Our Vision:
Zenith Quest Corporation strives to provide high-quality products and services to consumers, businesses, and governments, internationally, within selected areas of operation.  Toward this end, Zenith intends to build and utilize independent production and maintenance facilities.

Our Quality Policy:
Zenith Quest Corporation strives to ensure that its products and services meet our client’s exacting specifications, and meet or exceed the highest military and/or commercial quality standards in the relevant industry.  Zenith is committed to providing products and services in a timely and professional manner, and with adherence at all times to the highest ethical standards.