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Roller-delayed firearms are known for their reliability and performance under the most extreme conditions. Roller-delayed firearms have been proven by special operations troops in the harshest environments on the planet, from the arctic, to deserts, to jungles. Zenith’s roller-delayed firearms are made by MKE using a combination of original tooling, dies, and data, combined with hi-tech production improvements. MKE has over forty years’ experience crafting roller-delayed firearms. When you buy from Zenith, you are purchasing a first quality roller-delayed firearm from an experienced manufacturer who knows exactly what it takes to create uncompromising quality and reliability.

Modularity and Flexibility

Zenith’s roller-delayed firearms are available in calibers and sizes to suit most tactical situations. From our 9mm NATO Z-5RS to our 7.62 NATO Z-41 Rifle, our firearms platforms offer the operator flexibility from room clearing in challenging urban environments, to intermediate range target engagement in open terrain. The popularity of the designs means there is never a shortage of aftermarket accessories that increase ergonomics and performance. Why settle for an average rifle, when you can have accuracy, reliability, and endurance in one package?


Zenith stands fully behind our products. We have skilled gunsmiths on staff who are able to meet any maintenance need. We offer everything from complete rebuilds to custom work. We are roller-delayed specialists. We service all roller-delayed firearms of similar design regardless of who produced them. If you have roller-delayed firearms in your inventory that are in need of service, we will gladly work with you to bring your firearms back online. We also offer a full line of spare parts.


Zenith is a fully-licensed importer and exporter. We can handle your ordnance needs from small caliber to 155mm HE. We have extensive experience on the international market, and are thoroughly familiar with international logistics. Whatever you need, let Zenith help you accomplish your mission.

For more information, please contact Jamie or Don at 434-202-7790.