Our Team

staff_andyAndy Eckert
Vice President

Andy is a graduate of the University of Virginia and a former U.S. Marine. Prior to his employment with Zenith in 2013, he acquired post-military professional experience in carpentry, non-profit work, and business.

In his capacity at Zenith Quest Corporation, Andy serves as manager of the U.S. firearms and ammunition businesses, and assists with correspondence and presentations in support of Zenith’s activities in the international market.

Outside of his work for Zenith, Andy is busy supporting his growing family. In addition to attacking his always-sizable list of house and homestead projects, Andy makes time for martial arts, woodworking, and occasional weekend getaways with his bride of 13 years, Amy.


Jastaff_jamiemie Slaughter
Defense Projects Manager

Jamie is a native of South Charleston, West Virginia. He coordinates, manages, and directs defense related projects and operations for ZQC in addition to seeking out collectible militaria worldwide for Zenith Militaria.

His lifelong interest is the development of military technology, theory, and doctrine. He is also interested in the historical, current, and future development of small arms and armored vehicles. His scholarly publications include: “Military Communication on the Western Front 1914-1918: Similar Experiences, Different Outcomes.” in Information History of the First World War, and “Allied Close Air Support during Operation Market Garden: A Lesson in Planning.” in Operation Market Garden. The Campaign for the Low Countries Autumn 1944: Seventy Years On.”, and entries in the Mount Vernon Digital Encyclopedia. He also writes for popular publications such as Recoil Magazine and Skirmish Magazine. He holds a BA in History from West Virginia University, a MAT from Marshall University, a MA in Military History from Norwich University, and he is currently studying at the University of Wolverhampton.

He is an avid militaria collector, bibliophile, and war gamer. He lives in rural Virginia with his wife Stacy, and his son, Logan.


staff_johnAsilcan Nogaylaroglu
Business & Import Analyst

Asilcan holds the position of Business & Import Analyst at Zenith where he’s responsible for handling international logistics for the company. Before entering the firearm and ammunition industry with Zenith, his varied career included working on business development and sales; import/export logistics and supply chain management; as well as international procurement and vendor compliance in the industries of food, textile and building materials.

In the past 3 years, he has focused on logistics management and foreign supplier compliance within the firearms and defense industries coordinating and managing multi-functional work teams to move products internationally and domestically.

Asilcan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from University of Maryland.

When not working, Asilcan enjoys traveling, reading and playing sports.