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The ever-increasing complexity of today’s computer networks, virtual environments and cloud provisioning applications has led to widespread vulnerabilities in civilian and government infrastructure. As a result, cyberspace has become a weapon of choice that presents enormous challenges to government institutions, organizations and agencies who are responsible for defending national interests.

ZQC offers world-class cybersecurity solutions to government institutions, armed forces and law enforcement agencies. In partnership with ZNT Global, ZQC aims to become the industry leader in Turkey and its region by developing and utilizing local resources, and augmenting as necessary with technology transfer from global partners.

Multimedia Monitoring System (M3S)


M3S is an end-to-end capability for collecting, translating, searching and organizing content from a range of media types in multiple languages. Sources include content from the World Wide Web, broadcast media, YouTube videos, Twitter and Facebook. M3S integrates and manages the media analysis process from beginning to end — from data collection and processing, to automated triage and retrieval, to machine-assisted translation and support for human translation, to export and dissemination. The system’s automatic analysis of content supports effective retrieval and triage for human analysts who must deal with overwhelming volumes of continuously accumulating media.

Multi-Lingual Data Collection and Extraction

M3S continuously captures content from user-selected sites, channels and social media users into an archive that can be shared by multiple distributed user groups. The captured media is archived and versioned for later use. Internal links are preserved in harvested Web pages so users can navigate within the archive.

Analysis and Automatic Translation

Using state-of-the-art human language technologies, M3S converts speech into text, identifies and extracts text from web pages and social media platforms, and automatically tags named entities (people, places and organizations). The extracted text is then automatically translated into English using machine translation software. English speakers can use the machine translation to get the gist of an article, broadcast or post; linguists and analysts can correct the machine translation and add analytical commentary.

M3S supports more than 40 languages for text-based sources, and 16 languages for speech-based sources.

Virtual Security Operations Center (V-SOC)

V-SOC service leverages advanced hunting capabilities to identify packet-level threats that traditional security controls can’t detect.

By automating many of the manual managed security services processes used to identify low-level risks, our patented automated threat detection and analytics technology enables analysts to focus on advanced, persistent threats that can circumvent traditional controls.

Cyber Academy

Cyber defense is a national necessity and priority for the defense of our public and personal assets. Thus, it requires the development of a cybersecurity workforce and ecosystem to counter the advanced cyber threats. The demand for education and training is prompting the creation of more programs at universities. The advancement and proliferation of cyber threats call for immediate attention to develop cybersecurity career paths that lead to a better prepared workforce in order to protect critical information systems.

In partnership with ZQC, ZNT Global runs a Cyber Academy from its Ankara office that serves as a national and regional center of training excellence. Intended to both develop cyber expertise in the region and address your organization’s mandate for cyber education, protection and defense, the ZNT Global Cyber Academy:

  • Includes training for executives, managers and cyber protection practitioners.
  • Includes participation by leaders and practitioners from across government and private industry to facilitate development of a skilled cyber workforce across the nation and region.
  • Serves as a national and regional center for continual cyber education by providing a training curriculum that is periodically refreshed to address emerging future cyber threats and technologies.

Key Program Features:

  • Immersive learning model combines cybersecurity range, labs, practical exercises and lectures.
  • Operationally focused to deliver mission-ready operators.
  • End-to-end pipeline develops cyber professionals from entry level to practitioners to leaders.
  • Students learn and train under simulation of their actual professional roles and responsibilities.
  • Industry-leading software and classrooms.
  • Advanced cyber range for red-on-blue simulation exercises.
  • Hands-on exercises constitute more than 60% of the coursework.
  • Post-course access to support materials and updates via Cyber Academy online learning portal.

Forcepoint Global Government Security

Unrivaled Solutions and Services Supporting Global Government Security Missions

Forcepoint supports the unique and complex missions and objectives undertaken by the people who protect national security. From intelligence communities to defense departments and civilian agencies, these cyber warriors require rapid, accurate and secure ways to support their data-driven missions.

Forcepoint Cross Domain Solutions enable secure information access and transfer within and between some of the most sensitive enterprises.


SurevView Analytics — Traditional approaches to security analysis require organizations to set up data warehouses and ingest mass data. By contrast, Forcepoint avoids this by using virtual data warehousing technology that accesses data at high speed without ever needing to move or copy it.

Forcepoint NGFW — Integrates application control, sophisticated evasion prevention and an intrusion prevention system into a single solution that is cost-effective and easy to deploy.

Forcepoint Email Security — Protects users against multistage advanced threats that exploit email to penetrate an organization’s IT environment.

Forcepoint Web Security — Provides advanced, real-time threat defense to stop data loss.

Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client — Provides users with secure simultaneous access to information on any number of networks from a single endpoint device.

Forcepoint High Speed Guard — Enables the rapid, bi-directional, automated transfer of highly complex data — particularly real-time streaming video — between multiple domains.

Forcepoint Small Format Guard — A small, lightweight guard requiring low-power, high throughput and low latency.

Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System — Provides exceptional built-in manual review and automatic validations, such as virus scanning, file type verification, dirty word search and deep content inspection.

Forcepoint Trusted Print Delivery — Enables users to print from existing applications, having different security or sensitivity levels, to a single printer located on the high-side network.

Forcepoint Trusted Mail System — Enables the policy-enforced exchange of emails and attachments between users on different networks, eliminating the need to switch between multiple email accounts or physically relocate to access secure email.

Forcepoint WebShield — Provides secure web search and browse-down capabilities from high side networks to lower level networks.

Forcepoint SimShield — A fixed-format data guard with the capability to label, segregate, protect and exchange data between systems executing at different sensitivity or classification levels.

Forcepoint Insider Threat — Enables safe and effective use of mission-critical technologies by capturing technically observable human behaviors that include policy violations, compliance incidents, or malicious acts that may be warning signs of an impending breach.

Forcepoint DLP — Protects sensitive data wherever it resides — on endpoints, in the cloud or on-premises.

Forcepoint DLP Endpoint — Protects users against data theft, on or off an organization’s network.