Forging the bonds of business



ZQC works closely with its Turkish and global partners to bring the world’s latest technological developments to the defense and security markets of Turkey and its region. ZQC’s Turkish sister company, ZNT Global, is currently investing in a manufacturing facility in the defense industrial district of Ankara, upon completion of which the company will be exceptionally equipped to develop, design, manufacture, integrate, test and deliver products, as well as to provide integrated logistics support in close cooperation with the national assets of its customers.


In partnership with ZNT Global, ZQC offers modernization of land, naval and air platforms as a prime contractor and integrator, or as a system supplier.

ZQC provides modernization services throughout the entire lifecycle of a given platform, from the requirement analysis stage to the out-of-inventory stage, and does so with a fundamental inclination toward forecasting the platform’s realistic future battlefield use.

The company’s immediate objective is to produce rapid solutions in the projects of upgrading important Turkish Armed Forces platforms, as well as those of other armed forces in the region.

ZQC considers it important to lean heavily on the capabilities of national defense companies that already produce important solutions for Turkey, and to augment their capabilities with the existing technologies of allied countries as well as new technologies, whether developed within Turkey or elsewhere. With the foregoing as context, ZQC and ZNT stand ready to upgrade and modernize the following systems and performance aspects of Turkey’s tanks and armored vehicles:

  • Fire control system.
  • Firepower.
  • Survivability.
  • Active protection systems.
    • Active Protection System (APS) — by Raytheon, as offered by ZQC/ZNT, is a proprietary product specifically designed to provide exceptional protection for ground vehicles and rotary-wing aircraft of all sizes against current and emerging threats and tactics. No other active protection system in the world has achieved this capability.
  • Mobility.
  • Command and control systems.

For each of the above, ZQC will partner with ZNT to maintain supply contracts for subsystem changes, operating and initial backups, spare parts and periodic maintenance materials, and to maintain long-term warranty contracts under the lifecycle logistics support approach. Within the scope of the projects, ZQC/ZNT will provide integrated logistics support, platform integration, crew and maintenance personnel training, and prioritization of safety and reliability factors for post-upgrade/modernization inventory acceptance testing and configuration management. ZQC/ZNT will update and operate the test and evaluation plans in the areas of mobility, survivability, firepower, command and control systems and logistical supportability, and they will plan armored vehicle/tank crew and maintenance personnel training, which will include training aids, simulators and virtual reality systems.

The ZQC-ZNT partnership stands especially prepared to provide modernization solutions for countries that use the M60 A3 Tank, to include a wide variety of alternatives according to their respective requirements:

  • Solutions against classical threats.
  • Solutions against insurgent threats.
  • Hybrid solutions.

Air Defense

In alliance with ZNT Global and other in-country partners, ZQC offers an array of products and services for air defense systems to meet the customer’s requirement for development, design, integration, testing, delivery and integrated logistics support.