Forging the bonds of business

Who We Are

A Message from the Founder

Since 2005, I have been working to strengthen commercial ties between America and Turkey by starting and running trading companies in various industries. In 2014, I consolidated my several U.S. businesses under a new parent company, Zenith Quest Corporation, and the following year I founded its Turkish sister company, ZNT Global, to pioneer similar business operations in that part of the world.

Since 2013, Zenith Quest Corporation’s largest subsidiaries, Zenith Firearms, Zenith Quest International, and ZQI Ammunition, have been continually importing and selling Turkish-manufactured products to the American market. At present, ZQC’s main focus in the United States is Zenith Firearms, which in recent years has emerged the market share leader for 9mm roller-delayed blowback weapons.

Globally, our company offers products and services in the firearms, defense, cybersecurity, unmanned aerial systems, and energy industries. Within each of these, our main market is either the U.S. or Turkey, although we are increasingly finding opportunities to work elsewhere in the world.

We’re grateful to have the partnership of the renowned defense company, Raytheon, with which we’re currently working on projects in Turkey. We also welcome inquiries from other companies, large or small, that want to escalate their operations in Turkey or its region. Please contact my office in the U.S. at 434 202 7790, or in Turkey at +90 312 219 3002 to arrange for a meeting with me or a member of my executive team.

Kutlay Kaya
Founder and Chairman of the Board

Our Mission

To offer world-class products and services in the firearms, defense, cybersecurity, unmanned aerial systems, and energy industries.

Our Vision

To be the marketplace leader in each of our product and service niches.


Developing all solutions comprising our customer’s total need.

Delivering our best work every time.

Adhering to our QMS standards in all stages and circumstances.

Delivering solutions that are scientifically irreproachable.

Treating our customers how we would want to be treated.

Pursuing advances in technology, functionality, and performance.


Zenith Quest Corporation strives wholeheartedly to provide products and services that meet its customers’ expectations of quality. Through the careful implementation of a quality management system that directs continuous improvement activities across all facets of its operation, involving all personnel, the company strives to enhance customer satisfaction, as well as that of its employees and shareholders.

In the defense, cybersecurity, unmanned aerial systems, and energy industries, ZQC’s QMS invokes the following standards:

  • Project Management: Project Management Institute Practices
  • System Engineering: EIA/IS-632, IEEE 1220
  • Software Engineering: IEEE/EIA 12207, MIL-STD 498
  • Configuration Management: MIL-STD-973, ANSI/IEEE 1042, IEC/ISO 15846

In the firearms industry, ZQC warrants its products for five years, and operates one of the best customer service departments in the business.