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Renewable Energy

With the increase of human population and endeavor on the earth comes a commensurate need for new and sustainable sources of energy.

Turkey is endowed with extensive natural resources, many of which are potential sources of renewable energy. Against that backdrop, government feed-in tariffs, local-content feed boosters, and domestic and foreign private investments are fostering excellent opportunities for emerging renewable energy companies.

According to data provided by the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Turkey has 48,000 megawatts of wind-energy-installed capacity and 1,527 kilowatt-hours-per-meter-squared of insolation potential. Accordingly, there are great possibilities in Turkey for the thriving of both domestic and international companies.

ZQC aims to participate independently, in partnership with ZNT Global, or in domestic or foreign consortiums, in renewable energy projects in Turkey and its region. Like other emerging companies, ZQC holds the virtues of high efficiency, low cost, and eco-friendly technology as foundational, but adds to that the resources and targeting capabilities necessary to be a leader in national and regional renewable energy projects, from business development through project completion.

Oil and Gas

Turkey serves in a unique and vital role in the global oil and gas industry due to its geographic and geopolitical position. Turkey’s physical location makes it an indispensable connection point between the European continent — the world’s most energy-consuming region, and the Middle East and Russia — chief suppliers of the world’s oil and gas. Accordingly, with regard to oil and gas projects generally, and pipeline projects specifically, Turkey is internationally, strategically crucial, as is its supply and demand equilibrium.

ZQC aims to participate independently, in partnership with ZNT Global, or in domestic or foreign consortiums, in oil and gas pipeline projects, and particularly in those located fully or partially on Turkish soil or in Turkish territorial waters. In so doing, ZQC aims to bring important technologies and investments to Turkey.


  • Investor.
  • EPCM contractor.
  • Project manager.
  • Site manager.
  • Power plant manager.