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In 1791, the United States adopted Amendment II to its Constitution, and in doing so codified the right of the people to keep and bear arms — intended as a protection against unbearable oppression at the hands of a future sitting government. While nine or so other nations in modern history have drawn inspiration from the U.S. Second Amendment and constitutionally recognized a similar right for their citizens, seven of them subsequently overturned that recognition, and in the two where it remains it functions poorly in comparison to the American ideal. Not surprisingly, then, America has the highest per capita firearms ownership in the world, and incubates the planet’s largest civilian-oriented firearms industry.

Beginning in 2013, an ammunition contract with Walmart enabled ZQC to import and distribute 111 million rounds of NATO-spec small arms cartridges through more than 3,500 stores nationwide. On the heels of that contract, ZQC founded Zenith Firearms in 2014 as experts in the roller-delayed blowback firearm platform. This began ZQC’s aggressive ascent within the firearms market.

In 2021, Zenith Firearms began manufacturing their first 9mm variant, the ZF-5, here in the US. With facilities spanning over 250,000 square feet, Zenith employs cutting edge manufacturing technology and highly skilled personnel to operate over 100 machines (4-axis and 5-axis vertical mills, horizontal lathes, Swiss-style lathes, and turret punch presses). As Zenith continues to bolster its manufacturing capacity, the ZF-5 Series and its components will enter the international market to satisfy the needs of friendly foreign militaries and law enforcement agencies.

Accordingly, importing ammunition and manufacturing firearms is ZQC’s current primary focus in the United States.

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