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Unmanned Aerial Systems

ZNT Aero, a fully owned subsidiary of ZQC’s Turkish sister company, ZNT Global, develops and manufactures unmanned aerial systems for industrial and military applications.

ZNT Aero engages in research, development, design and manufacturing of complete unmanned aerial systems, and tailors the application of those systems to tasks in a variety of industries. ZNT Aero incorporates the latest technology into its products, on account of its own pioneering research and its attention to new developments within Turkey and internationally. The company also provides full-service technical support, maintenance, and training in UAV 0 and UAV 1 as credentialed by Turkey’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Design and Manufacturing

ZNT Aero’s design and manufacturing-material and -process competencies include the following:

  • Carbon fiber, glass fiber and thermoset plastics.
  • Thermoplastics.
  • Metal machining.
  • Custom parts, components and systems design.
  • Engineering analysis (e.g., mechanical, electromagnetic, heat transfer etc.)
  • Precise and high-reliability manufacturing.
  • Land, naval and air applications.


Utilizing proprietary software and payloads, ZNT Aero tailors its UAV products to a variety of imaging and measuring applications, as follows:

  • Land and field analysis.
  • Crop monitoring.
  • Health assessment.
  • Oil and gas leakage control.
  • Solar power plant panel observation.
  • Pipeline control.
  • Upper structure observation.
  • Structure inspection.
  • Survey.
  • Planning.
  • Reporting.
  • Stockpile measurement.
  • Security.
  • Surveillance and reclamation.
  • Security.
  • Search and rescue.
  • 2-D and 3-D mapping.
  • Pre-construction critical mapping.
  • Volumetric measurements.
  • Stockpile management.
  • Reducing security inspection risks.


As a credentialed UAV training company, ZNT Aero offers courses and certification for commercial UAV pilots, as well as courses on mapping, maintenance and repair, and the use of UAV software. The company has offered training programs for customers in the defense industry and elsewhere since 2010.

The ZNT Aero Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

ZNT Aero’s signature product, the ZNT Aero UAV, is meticulously designed and built for excellence in airborne imaging and measuring operations. Its safety features, technical features and structure are products of the latest advances in UAV technology, while the value to ZQC’s and ZNT’s customers of responsive, full-service, Ankara-based technical support sets the product ahead of its competitors.

Piloted from a ground control station, the broadly equipped ZNT Aero is made for simultaneous multi-function service. Production, mapping, thermal, search and rescue, and industrial are among its intended applications.