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Algorithmic Warfare: Analysts Laud New Federal Cyber Strategies (

With high-tech adversaries increasingly targeting U.S. government networks, two recently released cybersecurity strategies are a step in the right direction, experts have said.

The National Cyber Strategy and a summary of the Defense Department’s Cyber Strategy were both released in September. The documents provided high-level objectives for the Pentagon and other federal agencies to better wrap their arms around cybersecurity issues.

In the National Cyber Strategy — the first of its kind in 15 years — President Donald Trump said the document explains how his administration plans to defend the homeland; protect American prosperity; deter and punish malicious actors; and expand American influence abroad to … (read more)

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From Grey Spaghetti To Color-Coded Targets: Raytheon’s New Interface For Patriot (

AUSA: Hollywood gives us the idea that US troops control their weapons with the latest video game-style graphics in glorious, full-color 3D. The reality is more like Pong — only with life and death at stake.

The mainstays of the modern Army, like the M1 tank or the Patriot missile, were introduced in the 1980s back when Atari cartridges were cool. While their electronics have … (read more)