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Here’s how the Trump administration plans to increase American weapon sales abroad (

WASHINGTON — As part of a broader push from the Trump administration to sell more weapons abroad, the U.S. State Department is planning to increase the size of its staff who handles arms transfers, roll out new changes to its International Traffic in Arms Regulations, or ITAR, restricted list and create new methods of financing foreign arms procurement, among other changes.

In July, the State Department announced it was implementing the new Conventional Arms Transfer policy, or CAT, per direction from the Trump administration. The announcement was criticized by some in industry as not having much … (read more)


US Army’s modernization efforts foster boom in US-foreign partnerships (

WASHINGTON — History has informed international defense companies that it’s difficult to play ball in the United States, but as the U.S. Army looks to rapidly modernize, both American and international companies are finding that partnering to bring readily available advanced technology and weapon systems into the U.S. is a win-win for both sides.

The formation of these partnerships appear to be in the midst of a boom in recent months following the advent of … (read more)


Pentagon spending could lead to consolidation of cybersecurity industry (

Spurred in part by Russia’s campaign of hybrid warfare in Ukraine, the Pentagon will purchase more electronic warfare equipment, a move that could lead to consolidation in the cybersecurity industry, an analyst said in a new report.

Russia’s use of electronic warfare combined with conventional combat tactics during its 2015 invasion of Ukraine exposed how the Department of Defense needed to … (read more)


Turkey provides tax breaks, loans to attract investment in local defense programs (

ANKARA, Turkey — In an effort to boost indigenous defense programs, Turkey is providing incentives, which include generous tax breaks, tax reductions and exemptions from import duties.

The incentives include additional levies and soft loans.

In just the first two months of 2018, the government incorporated 13 defense investment projects submitted by 12 companies into its incentives program. These investments are … (read more)