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Zenith Aerotech Enables Persistent Communication

Persistent Elevated Communications Relay. Reliable communications is key to coordinating any critical mission—be they military, law enforcement, emergency response, firefighting, or disaster relief. But even radios must obey the laws of physics. So what happens when topography blocks line-of-sight communications?

You need an airborne relay.

Zenith Aerotech’s family of tethered aerial vehicles (TAVs) can provide that relay. Our TAVs can … (read more)


Zenith Aerotech Provides Persistent Illumination

Whether working round-the-clock at a construction site or safeguarding critical infrastructure, you always need a good source of light. Zenith AeroTech provides that overhead illumination with our family of tethered aerial vehicles (TAVs).

Unlike standard rotary-wing drones, a TAV can hover over an area for days at a stretch while providing persistent, air-to-ground illumination from up to three high-intensity (16,000 lumens) light panels.

As a result, critical activities—like police investigations, search-and-rescue parties … (read more)


Zenith Aerotech Delivers Persistent Surveillance

Persistent surveillance used to be the sole province of large military formations. After all, they were the only ones capable of fielding fixed-wing, long-endurance drones like the MQ-1 Predator.

Not anymore, though.

Thanks to Zenith AeroTech, now even the smallest military, law enforcement, and humanitarian response unit can put eyes in the sky for … (read more)


The Marines want a drone delivery system that can haul up to 500 pounds to remote troops (

While commercial drone delivery services max out most payloads at less than 40 pounds, the Marine Corps is asking for a much larger, more powerful autonomous drone delivery system capable of carrying as much as 500 pounds to Marines at least 10 km away.

A recent request for information posting on the government website by the Marine Corps’ Program Executive Office for Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons wants the drone delivery vehicle to … (read more)