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Army Futures leveraging mission command for effective soldier, robot teams (

Mission command is the Army’s philosophy of command and a warfighting function that promotes freedom and speed of action. It combines the centralized intent from the commander with the decentralized execution of subordinate commanders, who then decide how best to achieve the commander’s objectives. In executing mission command, commanders must have a broad perspective, understanding and knowledge of activities throughout the operational area. Commanders, while clearly relaying their intent, must also trust their teams to execute. Similarly, trust and understanding of commander’s intent … (read more)


Navy invents trip wire to short out electronics probed by IP thieves, foreign agents (

A team of U.S. Navy scientists and engineers received a U.S. patent on a technology that stops intellectual property theft, a major concern for electronics and defense companies who use hardware produced by subcontractors in Asia.

U.S. Patent 10,204,875, titled “Systems and Methods for Inhibiting Backend Access to Integrated Circuits by Integrating Photon and Electron Sensing Latch-up Circuits,” was issued to inventors Matt Kay, Matthew Gadlage, Adam Duncan, Brett Hamilton, Brett Werner, and Austin Roach, all of Indiana, on Tuesday, for their work at … (read more)


Support Growing for Directed Energy Weapons (

Lawmakers and Defense Department leaders are showing increased interest in directed energy technology as the U.S. military gears up for great power competition with China and Russia.

High-energy lasers were big “winners” in the 2018 omnibus spending bill that Congress passed in March, according to defense industry analyst Jim McAleese of McAleese & Associates.

These weapons benefited from an … (read more)